We love happy, successful people at The Paradise Experiment. We know they are happy when we've worked with them, inspired them and helped make them more successful.  We can't think of a better way for you to hear about Paradise then to read about those that have experienced it.  Humbly, we share their stories with you.

“Richard is a very experienced and a highly acclaimed expert in the events industry. He is creative and passionate about delivery of truly inspirational and memorable events and always prioritises client needs. Join him in his endeavours and you will enjoy the success that he is bound to achieve!”

Tatiana Cherevko, Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company

"There are many people that I respect and appreciate. There are several that I respect, admire AND that inspire me to be better. There are very few which achieve all of that and with whom I get to collaborate, exchange ideas, lean upon, and learn from, but Richard Foulkes is one of them. He’s smart (I prefer brilliant, but I’ve learned that Brits can be touchy about that word), unflappable, intuitive, creative, and fearless, not to mention his keen and quick perception and wicked funny sense of humor. All of those qualities combined equal an unstoppable international event, branding and marketing expert whose impact on the global event industry is undeniable. 

Richard’s ability to take a complex situation, and break it down into the simplest of terms (and provide more than one solution while at it) is uncanny. But probably the most invaluable quality I enjoy in Richard is his willingness to help and to share knowledge with anyone who approaches him. He’s humble, a pleasure to work with, and brings intellect and value to any project he’s involved in. 

Whether you are looking for an event or marketing solution, advice for CRM, presentation ideas, strategy guidance, education, a great idea or critical feedback, I cannot recommend Richard highly enough. He’s on my speed dial, and if he’s not on yours, he should be."

Ruth Moyte, WordMaker, Red Dandelion Creative

“Richard and I share a passion for our industry and the ethos that "two heads are often better than one". He and I worked closely together withour ICCA/ISES hats on and developed ideas which led to the first London Future Forum held alongside the opening of ExCeL's International Convention Centre. If you are looking for someone to listen to your event or business ideas, think about them strategically and provide some radical, thought-provoking (but practical) solutions, he's your man.

James Rees,Director of Conferences & Events, ExCeL London 

“Richard is a real industry leader. Not only combining a hectic work schedule with one of the best UK agencies, imagination, but also finding time to put something back to an industry that has been his life. His passion for education and professional development along with creative eye has helped ISES grow into one of the leading associations in the UK - Well done Rico!”

David Hornby, Honorary Advisor, ISES UK Ltd, Director,Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts, Former Commercial Director, Visit London

“A brilliant communicator, Richard is one of events industry's major personalities. Highly respected for his experience and insights, he has freely given his time to two of the industry's professional bodies, helping others to reach their potential and assisting the advancement of the industry as a whole.”

Sarah Webster, Owner, Webster Wright Marketing Communications

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Richard was on all my Harry Potter worldwide DVD launch events. He ran the production team effortlessly and they all understood the difficult parameters we had to work under when creating these events. He was the calm in the eye of the storm and yet was always upbeat, cheerful and professional. He inspired confidence and I would always be happy to work with him again.” 

Pamela Godfrey, Former VP Worldwide Publicity & International Promotions,Warner Home Video

“Richard is a world class operator with an outstanding pedigree in live events and event marketing. A true industry leader, Richard brings a valid and interesting perspective to a wide range of business issues and is always worth listening to (especially late at night in licensed premises)

Mike Kershaw,Chairman, The Concerto Group

 "Richard is simply the person you want on your team/board to engage, motivate and actually get things done. His drive and passion for the events industry is incredible and his strategic thinking has created long term success in many projects we have worked on together. To be honest, everyone needs a Richard Foulkes in their lives as it simply makes it brighter, smilier and generally more fun! I look forward to further collaboration with Mr. Foulkes!" 

Samme Allen, President, Meeting Professionals International, UK and Ireland

“AVOID RICHARD (RICO) AT ALL COSTS… ...unless you want loads of experience (a result of joyously delivering projects of all scale and complexity). ...unless you want problem solving under pressure (a result of a calm and caudated demeanour). ...unless you want to ensure a strong commercial return (a result of uncanny financial acumen). ...unless you want a realistic ROI for every project (a result of keen strategic understanding). ...unless you want happy clients (a result of excellent client servicing). ...unless you want fun, inspired teams to work which are highly motivated (a result of creative positive leadership). ...unless you want an instant network of possibilities (a result of being an brilliant personality in the industry). ...unless you want to celebrate each success (a result of recognising and rewarding everyone who helps). TRUST ME, I KNOW ALL OF THIS FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the dubious character, as he was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I do sincerely hope our paths cross again.”

Jordan Waid, Executive Creative Director at MDLab / Cheil Worldwide

“Richard and I have both served a variety of roles with the International Special Events Society (ISES) for many years. I have had the pleasure of participating with Richard in many board meetings and strategic planning sessions. His contributions are always extremely insightful and beneficial to the long-term advancement of the association. He has a strategic mind capable of blending logic and creativity when it comes to developing vision, mission, objectives, and strategies. He is a branding expert, and understands the importance of developing and delivering customer value when positioning a brand. I look forward to collaborating with Richard in any capacity in the future.

Eileen Bistrisky, International Relations Committee Chair, International Special Events Society, Vancouver Canada