There are several ways that The Paradise Experiment can help you understand and improve your business landscape.  Our ideas change perceptions, improve performance and create conversations that attract loyal followers.  


Relationship & Service Management

How do you do business?  How do you manage and connect with your clients?

We can help you optimize and expand existing client connections.  How these relationships are fostered and managed are ultimately how you make money, where you lose money, and where you can increase revenues.

By examining your current client list, your existing relationship and the business you do with them, we can identify and help you increase opportunities to expand your services, and minimise risk, which in the end translates to more revenue for your company.


Procurement Improvement

By effectively managing purchasing and sales rationalisation, we can help you identify new opportunities that can benefit the quality of your product and service offerings.

Internally: Increase effective service and product purchase through extension, or reduction, of your current supplier base.  Properly align your brand with vendors and suppliers that can best help you deliver on your client promise.

Externally: Gain an understanding of your current client base procurement requirements to establish areas of opportunity, whilst with new clients ensure that proposals align favourably with the procurement process yet maximise the relationship building and commercial opportunity for the future.

Partnership Identity and Alliances

The world is a very small place and getting smaller by the day, yet we are doing much more with less.  Building strategic partnerships and alliances are one of several ways to expand your reach and add to your skill set.

The worldwide delivery connections that your company has can potentially provide a good platform for partnership development and joint ventures if managed properly. Strong partnerships make a strong proposition for clients new and old and provide key differentiators within your market place. We can help you maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks.  Our specialty niche exists within the exhibitions and events sector.

Production Operations

How efficient are your production practices and processes?

In the call to answer shorter project activations, develop meaningful strategies quickly and meet abbreviated production times, we can lose sight of the best operating processes and practices that drive efficiency, creativity and successful delivery of increasingly demanding objectives.  By identifying and understanding how workflows are put to action, we can help you recognise and implement process improvements, which will increase performance and improve your bottom line in creativity, productivity and profit.

It’s important that your company promotes itself as optimally as it can; particularly in areas that are core strengths of your brand.  From vision and strategy to implementation we can help you push out your brand to the audience that will connect best with you.We are well connected through industry organizations and industry press within the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. Our strategic alliances also include active executive positions as Vice Chair BVEP, Past President of ISES UK, and current sitting member of the Board of Governors for ISES International.  In addition, we have strong connections within the Society of International Travel Executives, Meeting Planners International and PCMA.  We are well connected around the globe with strategic alliances in major geographical areas across Europe and the United States.

Creative Solutions  

While we do not bill ourselves as “creatives”, our innovative approach is very effective in helping to inspire and foster maximum creativity. Ideas inspire us in our approach to creating and maintaining successful and sustainable business. There are idea makers and then there are those that are able to analyse and deliver ideas in a way that works best while delivering on objectives and garnering the return on investment that your clients desire. We bring the added sizzle to your creativity.

Management Consultancy

We don’t like to think of ourselves as consultants, but rather your collaborative partner in helping provide a fresh viewpoint that is not bogged down within your day-to-day business or history.  Our goal is to help you improve the performance of your business and identify connections that will grow your business to new levels.


Marketing & Communications

Your brand is not what you say it is.  It is the stories your customers tell when you’re not in the room.  We help you steer the conversation so your customer has something relevant and meaningful to talk about. Understanding what that story should be is a vitally important part of the equation.